Who am I?

Adam Michael Martin

I'm Adam Martin, a twenty-one year old aerospace engineering student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I'm concentrating in astronautics, and plan on pursuing my M.S. in bioastronautics. Ever since I became interested in engineering in high school, I knew I wanted to apply my newfound passion towards a mission greater than myself. As the space frontier began to show promise due to the emergence of private entities such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, I became extraordinarily eager to pursue space engineering. If we want to extend humanity's reach and create a healthy environment for astronauts, we need to be able to support humans physically, mentally, and emotionally. I created this blog as a learning tool not only for me, but for anyone interested in bioastronautics or related fields. 

More about me: 

My pursuit in life is to learn always, live healthily, and become the best I can be in my field. Outside of aerospace, I'm a huge jazz fan, a hobbyist musician, a runner, and an MMA fan. Other interests are philosophy and photography.